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The following video was made with the intent on bringing to light the serious problem in that if you recognize what I'm spoofing you too realize there are to many times a day the real ads air.

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Nagging indigestion, a dead scientist, attempted murders by an unstable individual, a captivating beauty, and a liquid which could lead to World War III… For most men that’s enough to give up and go fishing, for Jim Phelps it might become a Mission: Irreparable. 

                       MISSION: IMPOSTER

Jim Phelps so-called irreparable mission was a success in the eyes of those above him.  However, with the loss of a fellow agent, and his branch Director Yomin, Phelps sees the glass as only half full. Yet he’s given little time to mourn: the mission this time is more personal, and more dangerous, as the threat comes from inside. Phelps will have to rely on memories of the past, to solve the present events, if there is going be an I.M. Force in the future.

Current Projects

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Fan Film Tributes: (Based more upon the original television show, then the movies.)

Believe in what is unseen; not what you want to see, or else, see what you get.

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